Batting Cages

Please note: All particpants must have a valid membership (See below) for this calendar year in order to hit in the cages.



Monday-Friday: 9-6 

Saturday 9-5


Please note: Tokens are sold up until 30 minutes from closing. 


Batting Cage Info


We have 4 batting cages for both the serious player, the beginner, or someone who just wants to have fun.


Helmets and Bats are available if needed, but you are welcome to bring your own.


Please do not bring your batbag!

Membership Info:


In order to hit, you must possess a membership and you must sign a liability waiver. This membership is valid for the remainder of that calendar year.


The cost of the membership is $10


The cost of tokens for each round are only $1 each.


Each round is 15 pitches!